6 Television Shows on Netflix for Your Next Binge-Fest

6 Television Shows on Netflix for Your Next Binge-FestNetflix has definitely changed the way we watch TV. I watch more television now than I ever have because it is commercial free and I can watch shows in their entirety before moving on to the next one. Truth be told, I listen to TV as opposed to watching it. I don’t pay much attention to what is happening on the screen, but I am very interested in what I hear. I want the dialogue to be compelling and real. I like to listen to witty wordplay and complex sentences delivered by the voices that command attention.

However, there are a few shows that make me stop and watch. Here are 6 shows on Netflix that you may actually want to pay attention to.

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53 Clove Garlic Soup

I'm sick but I wanted to get this up quickly. I don't have any photos, but hopefully I will be able to post some soon. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and is great for fighting off illness. Combine the garlic with the healing properties of bone … [Continue reading]