It’s That Time Again: Back to Homeschooling

Posted on Instagram. The World Is Our Classroom #secular #homeschool #Planner this is my personal one- 500 pages in black and white(new for this year). The color and PDF editable, version is on

We’re in the throes of planning yet another homeschooling year and despite this being the fifth year that we have done this, I still go through the anxiety of “should she/I or shouldn’t she/I.”

Should she go to school? Should she have more friends? Should she be better at this [insert arbitrary thing]? Should I give her more?

The list could go on and on. But then I sit down and look at the standards for our local school district, and I realize that my desire to homeschool has nothing to do with my fears and own personal experiences in school or at home.  It has more to do with how poorly public schools are meeting the task of educating our children.

And that’s when the voices in my head quite themselves long enough for me to get into planning mode. There’s nothing like a new organizer for a new year and some Big-Fat-Homeschooling goals!


Want to see what’s in store for this year? Check out our 3rd-Grade Curriculum choices!


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